Here is a tarball containing a patch, a script, and an image that will mutate a version of pydance 0.7.2, changing all references of 'pydance' to 'pyDDR' or 'pyddr', depending on which is correct. Now, I'm not doing this because I dislike theGREENzebra, his excellent dance game, or anything about him. I simply think pyDDR sounds a lot cooler than pydance. :) Also, in the course of '%s/pydance/pyDDR/'ing everything, I found that the new version also changes all the paths the game uses, as well as morphing your .pyddr directory into a .pydance directory, and your pyddr.cfg into pydance.cfg. While all this is merely a cosmetic change, I don't like things being changed without notice. On top of that, I'd have to change all references to 'pyddr' in my menus to 'pydance' (This will probably be changed when 0.7.2 shows up on debian unstable, but not everyone has the magic of debian). So, for me, this was a convenient, but mostly stubborn-headed patch. Use at your own risk, and enjoy. :)